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RV Buying FAQ

Q. Must I have a large down payment in order to finance an RV?

A. No. Some of the financial institutions we deal with will provide financing with little or no money down.

Q. I've heard that the interest on an RV loan is tax deductible for Federal tax purposes. Is that correct?

A. Yes. In most cases the interest on an RV loan is deductible under the same rules that apply to the mortgage interest on a first or second home. The RV must have sleeping, cooking, and toilet facilities to qualify. However, please be sure to contact your tax advisor for the detailed requirements.

Q. Can I finance a used RV?

A. Yes. Financing is available on most used RVs for extended terms and competitive rates.

Q. Can I refinance my current RV loan?

A. Yes, you can refinance your current RV loan in order to take advantage of lower interest rates or extend the term to achieve a lower payment.